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Online & Personalised

Bespoke Counselling

Transform yourself and Create who you wish to Become.

Transform Create Become is a UK based face to face and professionally structured online counselling service.

Online sessions can take place when you are ready, at a location of your convenience. No need to travel, or take time away from your busy schedule. Using video calling, email or instant messaging technology, arranged around you, is even more private than attending a room based session. If you need to keep your sessions confidential from others, online is a perfect solution.

With extensive experience working in Telehealth and additional qualifications in counselling online, these sessions are proven to be just as effective as face to face.
Transform, Create, Become Integrated Counselling is for people ready to make active changes to their lives.

It can help provide insight into personal experiences and the way you think, behave or feel. Looking to help process challenging events in a way that is unique to each person. Integrated Therapy helps create lasting techniques, from a range of evidence based therapy modules, that you can to embed into every day life. 
If you are struggling with something and want to find a way forward, this compassionate and solution-focused therapy is the right place to start. 

Online Counselling is particularly helpful for those suffering from issues of isolation, social anxiety, coping with all aspects of the aftermath of Covid19 and dealing with change.

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Online Counselling Tools


Making the decision to get help is a brave first step. A qualified and professional online counsellor will guide you through a process to explore what is best for you. Bringing you closer to your solutions in a way that helps you feel better about yourself and the experiences you have. Supporting you to find your own ways to transform your life into something to be proud of. Creating new opportunities and making the previously considered impossible, into I’m Possible.


your symptoms...


 Changes through practice...


 Who you want to be...

Stress and Crisis

Identity expression
Self Awareness
Gender Variance

Solution Focused
Future Focused
Heart Coherant
Compassion based



CBT gave me some really helpful tools I use every day, thank you so much. Male, aged 32

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