My name is Blou (pronounced blue like the colour). I am a friendly solution focused practitioner and CBT Counsellor.


I have an additional diploma in online counselling so I can offer high quality online sessions to those who might be isolated in remote and rural locations, who may have transportation limitations or who are unable to attend face to face therapy. I am also a certified Future Basing Coach, which is an outcome focused tool for planning exciting projects that can radically change your life.

I have experience in successfully counselling people with: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Worry, ADHD, BPD, EUPD, Trauma, Worry, Identity Expression, Loneliness and Low Self Esteem.

My background is extensive and eclectic across a range of full time employed careers in the NHS, LGBT services, Community Charities and my own entrepreneurial creative arts business. All of these experiences have helped me become highly skilled in communicating and guiding others to reach their full potential, in an organised and compassionate approach. 

My sessions are £50 for 50 minutes. Please use my email address on the contact us page for further information or to request a booking. If I am fully booked I will provide connections to other qualified counselling colleagues.


Our feelings are like waves.

We cannot stop them coming,

We can choose which ones to surf.


I would like to see a world where people feel connected to themselves and those around them. If we all take steps to learn about our experiences and be compassionate in our future actions, then one by one, like the ripples of a wave, we all become secure, content and happy.